Expo Milan Project with our Italian Language School

expo milan project with our italian language school

Expo 2015 Milan Project – Today our Italian Language School for Foreigners in Milan – Il Centro took part in a meeting organized by Explora with sellers and re-sellers Expo 2015 Milan with our two project:

World Expo 2015 – Let’s have a real milanese experience!

Giro d’Italia ~ Expo Milano 2015: Learn Italian while tasting

Milan cannot be revealed at first glance: it is a city that wants and needs to  be explored and discovered. It is a city  that has  to be lived to be understood. Live a real Milanese  experience with us. Live our  Milan with us! Discover our Expo Milan Project!

Music, Fashion, Shopping, Food, Art or Design …wheter your passion is we are preparing for you a special Made to Measure Expo program which will meet your desire for enrichment and natural curiosity about food, culture and art! Learn more about Milan Expo Tour and Italian Cooking Courses!

Our Italian Language School gives you the linguistic tool for living this wonderful Expo experience!

Learning Italian in Milan for Expo 2015 – At Il Centro-Italian Language School in Milan lessons are conducted using the communicative method with a humanistic approach and utilizing materials developed by the school staff giving you the possibility to be able to express yourself in Italian in basic daily situations. The student is presented with a situation from daily life through the use of authentic materials. That situation is then analyzed in terms of grammar and of the linguistic functions it raises. Lessons are also supported by learning activities such as games, role-playing and videocassettes. Discover our Expo Made to Measure proposals for you:

  • Individual or in small groups
  • 1, 2 or 3 days
  • With a flexible schedule, upon request

 Expo 2015-Let’s Speak Italian 1:  Conversational Italian – Parole, parole, parole…

Learn more about our special program Let’s speak Italian for Milan Expo!

Expo 2015 is not only Expo, not only Expo..live again this magic food experience also around Italy and discover our Expo tour around Italy with Tandem Italy!

We are proposing a study holiday on the trail of taste and flavors of traditions of Italian food and wine, done with care, love  and attention to detail.

The program has a standard duration of 2 weeks, the first in Rome, Venice or Florence and the second in Milan. In case you are going to stay in Italy for a shorter time, pls  contact us for a quote.

What are you looking for? We are waiting for you!



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