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New Italian Standard Courses from June!

New Italian Standard Courses from June!

new italian standard courses in Milan - let's speaking Italian for Expo 2015

The Italian morning classes

GM40 and GM80 occur daily, Monday to Friday, and GM24 and GM48 meet three times a week. Italian Standard Courses are 2 hours a day or 4 (two, 120 minute lessons).

The presence of students from different nationalities in each class helps create a stimulating and creative atmosphere.

Italian Standard Classes

are usually comprised of 6/7 students (max. 10). Once a student has completed two, 40 hour courses, he/she may proceed to the next level.

Our 4 hour/day courses are for people who only have a short time to learn in Italian or who rarely have the opportunity to talk in Italian, but nonetheless need to learn it as quickly as possible.

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Free time activities of our Italian Language School

Free time activities of our Italian Language School


Every month…

Il Centro-Italian School for Foreigners in Milan

organizes extracurricular activities for its  students, as opportunities to improve their knowledge of culture and Italian language while having fun!

APERITIFS: occasions to speak in Italian that became a meeting point for all the students and teachers of different classes to get know each other better.

COOKING LESSONS: the most entertaining activity! We cook and eat together the tipical dishes of the Italian cousine.

GUIDED VISITS: long touristic walks and less known itineraries to discover the charming Milan and the extraordinaryItalian culture.

On Wednesday 27th of May our students will visit with Marco The Pietà of Rondanini, last work of Michelangelo here in Milan in occasion of World Expo 2015 until the end of this month.

The poor state of the marble caused a crack and consequently problems in the act of sculpting, distruggento of entire parts. For this reason Michelangelo, seized by a fit of rage, he took a hammer sculpture. He would not get close to the subject (very dear to him) of Mercy for the next two years, after which he went to work for the creation of the Pietà Rondanini.
The history of this sculpture is undoubtedly long and rich, since many eyes have had The privilege of admiring it in private mansions, before it was bought in the 50s by the city of Milan and to be exposed to the public.

The unfinished work has always fascinated by many critics to casua its interpretation difficult. Thanks to a recent restoration and the precision and meticulousness of the restorers, new details have emerged and circumstances related to the thoughts of the artist performers. We can also be more aware of what are the expressions and moods of portraits thanks to subtle play of light and shadow.

It turns out the youth of Mary in contrast with black spots and fouling on the legs of Christ, the result probably of ancient tampering.

It turns out the youth of Mary in contrast with black spots and fouling on the legs of Christ, the result probably of ancient tampering.
Also, thanks to the restoration, have been discovered in support of lead between the statue and the altar Trajan, so as to support the block without intaccaro inside and then ruin it.
Other details belong to the hand of the artist as the same marks on the legs of Christ and the other arm mutilated; even where there are parts missing stoccature.

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Why Learn Italian in Italy?

Learn Italian in Milan at Il Centro-Italian School for Foreigners: with almost three decades of experience in organizing Italian language courses for foreigners in Italy, we are the Italian language school you’re looking for to improve your Italian language skills.

Why Learn Italian in Italy?

italian school in Italy

Since 1986,

our Italian Language School in Italy 

has been offering a broad range of courses: standard or intensive, as well as,  morning, afternoon and evening classes. 

Groups, mini-groups or individual sessions are available at

Il Centro-Italian Language School in Italy,

at home or in your office. Our italian offers include Italian lessons for beginners up to advanced students. You might appreciate:

– our flexible, modern and communicative italian teaching method with a humanistic approach;
– our italian school with a cozy atmosphere;
– our high-qualified and motivated italian teaching staff;
– italian small groups of students from different countries (6-8, a maximum of 10 people per class);
– smart prices for every type of italian language course.

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Italian on the move between Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Trieste with Tandem Italia.


Italian on the move between Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Trieste with Tandem Italia

Giro d’Italia: learning italian around Italy!  

This special program allows students to visit two or more Italian cities whilstattending an Italian course in one of the partner schools, joining a course to match their level of Italian in each city. No need to worry over travel arrangements: leave it to Tandem Italia. Year round.

The offer includes:

4 lessons a day courses in any of the italian schools in the five cities (course materials included).

  • participation in the cultural program organized by the schools: guided tours, strolls around the neighbourhood, cooking lessons and wine tastings, seminars and meetings on Italian cinema;
  • accommodation in a single room in a shared private apartment;
  • train ticket – one way between the chosen cities.

It is possible to enroll for 2,3,4 or more weeks.

Two cities:
2 weeks course + train trip + accommodation: 790 euro…

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Tandem® International

Tandem® International

tandem international

Tandem Italy-Learning Italian around Italy, belongs to the TANDEM® International Network.

Tandem International istandem schools - learning italian travelling an association of highly qualified language schools in Europe and South America, that promotes Italian language learning by exchanging and partnership between two students of different nationalities in their free time. All Tandem Schools fulfil  the controlled Quality standards every three years. These schools are accredited by Tandem International and they can call themselves Tandem schools.


Italian language school in Italy

italian language school  in Milan for foreigners

Who we are? Il Centro

the Italian language school in Milan for foreigners

 was founded in 1986. It was born from the experience of two Italian teachers, Enrica Cavo and Luisa Turolla, with the idea to create an italian school for foreigners in Italy with an innovative methodology.

We think of personalized study paths for our students that help them to learn an Italian in Italy that is indispensable in the everyday life and at work. At Il Centro-Italian Language School in Italy we create a familiar atmosphere that permits us to work with the human component of learning, increasing the value of the student’s identity/personality and the relation between teacher and class. We create for our students an itinerary to discover the language and culture of Italy and Milan.

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Expo itineraries: our special advices for you to enjoy better the world exhibition!

Expo itineraries: our special advices  for you to enjoy better the world exhibition!

Expo itineraries

In front of many pavilions, hi-tech buildings , ethnic restaurants is normal to feel lost. Clusters are a new feature of  Milan World Expo 2015: for the first time countries are not grouped in collective pavilions on a geographical basis, but according to identity issues and food chains. Where to go? What to see? We thought especially for you three made to measured Expo itineraries. Choose the one that suits you better!

Expo itineraries

1. Expo itineraries: Exploratory visit

Starting point: Expo Center. Turn right  and visit Zero Pavilion, then a short visit to Cascina Triulza. Visit Cocoa and Coffee Clusters. Visit 3 pavilions better for you and then you wil arrive to Piazza Italia, between Avenue Decurmano and the Cardo. Immediately to your left you will get Lake Arena where you will admire the Tree of Life, l’Albero della Vita.  Visit Palazzo Italia and then the Open Air Theatre.

2. Expo itineraries: Bio and Eat Healthy Lovers…..

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