New Italian Standard Courses from June!

New Italian Standard Courses from June!

new italian standard courses in Milan - let's speaking Italian for Expo 2015

The Italian morning classes

GM40 and GM80 occur daily, Monday to Friday, and GM24 and GM48 meet three times a week. Italian Standard Courses are 2 hours a day or 4 (two, 120 minute lessons).

The presence of students from different nationalities in each class helps create a stimulating and creative atmosphere.

Italian Standard Classes

are usually comprised of 6/7 students (max. 10). Once a student has completed two, 40 hour courses, he/she may proceed to the next level.

Our 4 hour/day courses are for people who only have a short time to learn in Italian or who rarely have the opportunity to talk in Italian, but nonetheless need to learn it as quickly as possible.

Read more about our new Italian Standard Courses in June!


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