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Corsi serali di italiano a Milano

Ultima lezione della classe serale. Sulle note di Cremonini- buon viaggio. Per Eva che torna in Ungheria con una vecchia foto del Duomo inizio secolo e le frasi (in italiano) di tutte le amiche del corso.
Lacrime di commozione e dolcetti inclusi!!

Italian evening courses milan


Heat-resistant cool prices in August


Heat-resistant cool prices in August (3rd -28th )!

Enrol in our Italian Courses and get a special discount for improving your Italian!

From 3rd of August we reopen Standard Italian Classes for 4 weeks :

GM40: 300 euros instead of 390 euros, from Monday though Friday(2 hrs a day)

GM80: 600 euros instead of 690, from Monday though Friday(4 hrs a day)

Absolute beginners must start on 3rd August – Not beginner students can start every Monday.

For more information about our Italian courses you can always call us on the number: +39 028690554 (skype:ilcentro3) or contact us!

2 hours a day/5 days a week course 300€ (instead of 390€)

4 hours a day/5 days a week course 600€ (instead of 690€)

Improve your Italian in Milan!

Italian language school in Milan

italian language school foreigners milan italy

Italian Language Courses for Foreigners since 1986

Who we are?

Il Centro, the Italian language school in Milan for foreigners, was founded in 1986. It was born from the experience of two Italian teachers, Enrica Cavo and Luisa Turolla, with the idea to create an italian school for foreigners with an innovative methodology.

Learning Italian in a familiar atmosphere

We think of personalized study paths for our students that help them to learn an Italian that is indispensable in the everyday life and at work. At Il Centro-Italian Language School in Milan we create a familiar atmosphere that permits us to work with the human component of learning, increasing the value of the student’s identity/personality and the relation between teacher and class. We create for our students an itinerary to discover the language and culture of Italy and Milan

Contact us and improve your Italian!

Duomo of Milan: new ultramodern spiers designed by Tony Cragg

tony cragg3

Despite its past century of history, everybody  always considered the cathedral of Milan one of the most modern, buttons and live in Milan. A colossal monument conceived from the outset as an attempt to get as close as possible to God, but also a celebration of inventions and creative man as humble offering to Heaven; eternally a work in progress, which has never fossilized, and indeed has always participated in life not only religious but also civil and cultural city of Milan, measuring time to time with ltalian language of that culture evolves.

An example: you think that the statues on the spiers are all of a religious? Asbsolutely not There are depicted even sports personalities of the past.

With this in mind should be seen the temporary installation art project of six ultra-modern spiers on the Terraces of the Duomo, by the celebrated British artist Tony Cragg, who had the difficult task of creating a dialogue with the languages of the Duomo, managing to perceive the invisible network of correspondences that governs real.

Contact us and experience Italian language in Milan between art, history, fashion and design!

Experience your Italian in Milan: Italy’s most international city!

Improving Italian between Fashion, Beauty and Travels!

Linda Tol: improving Italian in Milan between fashion, beauty and travels

Linda Tol, the famous Dutch fashion blogger and stylist, last year around this time moved to Milan. She loves Italy and she really likes to live in Milan. She loves the food, the Italian lifestyle, Italian language ande the people!

Regarding speaking Italian, she went to school last November and decided with his boyfriend to attend an Intensive Italian Group Course for improving the language very fast!

She was very motivated in improving Italian language fast in order to speak more fluently with Italian people. She attended an Intensive Italian Class and then a series of Individual Italian lessons: in very short time Linda started speaking in Italian better and better and now she understands 80%

Click here and read more about Linda’s Italian experience with us and her life in Milan.

Delicious and fresh summer recipes

italian cooking courses milan

Give a sparkling touch to your summer with our Italian and Cooking Courses!

In these days the summer heat is strong and nobody likes cooking! Here are some of the most popular summer recipes: easy to prepare without spending so much time!

Let’s try som tasty recipes suggested by your Italian School:

– The classic rice salad: a mix of fresh ingredients, mozzarella, tuna, tomatoes, olives, egg, ham and off with the imagination and tastes! There are also variants such as cereals or salad of farro for those who love change!
– The pasta salad: also this dish as the rice salad makes space with the ingredients, even the salmon and zucchini are a great alternative for the most demanding palates.
– Ham and melon: a timeless classic, fresh and fast.
The caprese: mozzarella, tomatoes and oregano for a plate full of taste do not forget to join him with a bit ‘of fresh bread or piadina
– Bruschetta: have a quick meal and delicious here too wide for creativity, you can try them with so many fresh vegetables
– The omelet: good cold can also add whatever you like, try it with spinach and bacon!

– Mixed salads: Niçoise with egg, chicken to change without sacrificing taste and tasty if accompanied by a sauce, we recommend you try the yogurt sauce.
– A delicious fresh fruit salad with melon, watermelon, cherries, apricots, fish, coconut and pineapple
Finally, the dessert and when you say summer, you say….ice cream! Many tastes even the most curious and innovative for the sweet tooth insurmountable remain definitely tastes creamy!

Use your immagination, be creative: summer is rich in colors and flavors! Give a sparkling touch to your summer with our Italian and Cooking Courses!

Contact us for learn more about our Italian Classes!

Formazione docenti di italiano L2

 Formazione docenti di lingua italiana a Milano

Laboratori di formazione per insegnanti di italiano L2

La nostra scuola di italiano è lieta di informarvi che il laboratorio In video brevitas sarà disponibile finalmente in versione online, interamente frequentabile a distanza.

Contattaci per avere maggiori informazioni!