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Italian evening courses in Milan


 New Italian evening classes for working foreigners

Evening Italian Courses run throughout the year (2, 3 or 4 times a week), except for July and August. Our Italian Classes are usually made of an average of 6-7 students (max 10).

These Italian courses are less intensive (1.5 hour lessons, twice a week) than standard courses, but run for a longer period (10 weeks). This makes it a good choice for students who are busy during the day.

New evening courses will start from September, 28th.

If you are a working foreigners and cannot improve Italian during the day…

Contact us and learn more about our Italian program at night!


Design Experience in Milan…

italian design course milan

Experience Design with our Italian School in Milan

Live a flashy and breathtaking design advanture in Milan with our new course! You will have the opportunity to improve your Italian and learn more about the most famous styles and shapes at once! Kartell, Achille Castiglioni, the Triennale Design Museum, The Campari Gallery ….What are you waiting for?

With our new Italian&Design course you will learn Italian language and admire the works of the most important Italian designers simultaneously! We organize guided visits to their ateliers and studios. Waiting for Milan World Expo 2015 our goal is also to focus our attention  on Food Design with a dinner organized in a famous design restaurant. Furthermore admire Triennale Design Museum as you have never done it before with its exhibition dedicated to the topic of food: Art and Food!

The course takes place on the last weeks of our Italian Standard Courses and on demand.

Program of our Italian&Design Course

Morning Program – Italian lessons:

Contact us for more information!

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Learning Italian while having fun!

Enjoy this Photo Tour of Milan in 6 stages: improve your Italian discovering the best creative spirit you will find in the city!

For our students tired of usual rounds and canons tourist routes, , our Italian school recommends an innovative path to the discovery of Milan a bit ‘different from normal: you may visit Milan through a more curious and unusual point of view! Take a camera with you and you will experience the best creative spirit that you can find around the city.

tour around milanoFirst stop: starting from the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, whose refectory hosts the famous Last Supper. But more than the external facade of the Church, it is very much more fascinating cloister outside, which is located behind the altar: wanted by Ludovico il Moro around 1490, was the place chosen by him, to bury Sforza; and in fact, in 1497, there was buried his wife Beatrice d’Este.

tour in milanoSecond stage: ten minutes walk along Via Carducci, we come to the Basilica di San Lorenzo, one of the oldest churches in Milan, which is today not only a monument from the early Christian and medieval, but also a key point of history of Milan and the Ambrosian church. Placing your camera just barely crossed the entrance of the Basilica, we could take some suggestive photographs of the portico in front of the church and the interior façade.

cinque vie

Third stage: from the Basilica, walk along Via Lanzone, Street Circus, Street cap and turn in Via Sant’Orsola up to reach the goal: Piazzetta Borromei. We are now at the crossroads of so-called “Five Street”, which refers to the meeting point of ancient streets of Milan in 1600 turns:

for the first in San Sepulchre (Via del Bollo), the second in San Maurilio (Via Santa Marta) the third at St. Ursula (Via Santa Maria Podone), fourth in Corso di Porta Vercellina (Via Santa Maria Fulcorina) and the last to Corduce (Via Bocchetto). All are small and narrow, cobbled, which still retain the flavor of the history of Milan and therefore are particularly suitable for the photo tour that Milan wants to grasp every nuance, ancient, present and future.

dito di cattelanFourth stage: to the left of Piazza Borromei find Piazza Affari, and the heart of the Milanese economy, locomotive of finance and the Stock Exchange of Milan. For a photo that aims to capture the contrast, the sneer symbol of capitalism in Milan, this is the place. At the center of the square, in fact, was installatadito Cattelan in 2010 one of the latest creations of the sculptor Maurizio Cattelan, “LOVE”, otherwise called “the finger of Cattelan”: the work consists of a huge hand in the gesture typical of the fascist salute a helping hand, but the time has deprived of them each finger except the middle finger fraught, thus becoming an act outrageous and irreverent own against the very seat of Piazza Affari, symbol today of the modern right, no more fascist, but capitalist

piazza mercantiFifth stage: on the right of Piazza Affari we find Piazza Cordusio, which connects us to the Cathedral of Milan through another place worth visiting: Piazza dei Mercanti. Founded in the mid-thirteenth century as a center of communal life in the Middle Ages, opened with six entrances to many city activities, which also took the name the streets (Via Armorari, Via Spadari, Via Cappellari, Street Jewelers, Speronari Street, Street Fustagnari).

duomo milanBut our wish is to reach the terraces on top of the Duomo: the sun, these days, sets around 7.30 pm, and this is the best time of day to take the panoramic photographs and suggestive views!!!

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A new immersion into Italian beauty…

experiece italian though images

Panorama is an extraodinary video Experience and our social meeting of this week. which, using 360° projection, will immerse our students in

a unique Journey for discovering Italian excellence. 

From fashion shows to natural landscapes, from art to vineyards and from design to traditional village.

Don’t miss this unforgettable appointment to experience the real Italian lifestyle through images.

Until 31 October from 10 am to 8 pm

Piazza Gae Aulenti, Next to the Unicredit Towe

Free Entrance


Contact us for more information and team with us!

Working in a famous design company in Milan…

 a dream that comes true attending our Italian courses!


Steve Maher, an American young designer, last year in January moved to Milan. He is very found of Italy and he really wishes living and working in Milan. He loves Italian food and lifestyle, Italian language and the people!

His Italian was super beginner … he knew only few words like pizza, ciao, come stai? when he came for the first time at our Italian school to get further information about our courses and our learning method.

We suggested him to take an Intensive Italian Group Course for improving his language very fast! We told him that he should have had to work very hard to realize his working dream…Nothing is impossible and we were absolutely confident that he would manage it!

From the beginning Steve was very motivated in improving Italian language fast in order to speak more fluently with Italian people and finding a job as a designer in Milan. He attended an Intensive Italian Class for 4 months and then a series of Individual Italian lessons: in very short time he started speaking in Italian better and better and now he understands 90%. His teachers were very proud of his improvements.

He considers our school the sure track to Italian learning success:

“The method is amazing….innovative and communicative  and the staff is kind and very familiar…like a real Italian family that cares about you! At the beginning everything seemed too difficult, quite impossible … the language, alone in a new city … a lot of cv shipped … but with passing of the time, thanks to my Italian courses I find a good job in a famous Italian design company. I can understand my colleague speaking in Italian and work in the better way with them!”

Give a look to the social program of our Italian school in Milan…

guided tour Italian school in Milan

Give a look to the social program of our Italian school in Milan…

Tomorrow: guided tour to the Archaeological Museum with Marco…

Extraordinary architectural context for the archaeological museum in Milan: the former convent of the Monastery of San Maurizio Maggiore, founded in the eighth century AD.

On the ground floor there are sections devoted to Milan Ancient and all’Altomedioevo. In the basement, the exhibition on the history of Milan continues in a room dedicated to the theme of living; next are sections of Caesarea Maritima, and Etruscan art of Gandhara. In the crypt of the church is the Greek section.

The tour continues in the cloister (“Milanese society through the epigraphs”) where you can visit the polygonal tower (late third century) with early medieval frescoes (XIII century).

ADDRESS: Corso Magenta 15
TELEPHONE: 02 88445208
TIME: Tuesday to Sunday: 9:00 to 19:30
Closed: every Monday, 1 January and 25 December
COST: Adults € 5, concessions € 3
Free admission every day during the last hour of opening and every Tuesday from 14
TRANSPORTATION: Metro: M1, M2 (stops Cairoli or Cadorna)
Tram: 16, 27
Bus: 50, 58 and 94
TOUR DURATION: 1 hour 30 minutes

Contact us and team with our Italian School!

Let’s speak Italian!

let's speak ItalianLearning Italian in Milan for Expo 2015

At Il Centro-Italian Language School in Milan lessons are conducted using the communicative method with a humanistic approach and utilizing materials developed by the school staff giving you the possibility to be able to express yourself in Italian in basic daily situations. The student is presented with a situation from daily life through the use of authentic materials.

let's speak Italian for ExpoThat situation is then analyzed in terms of grammar and of the linguistic functions it raises. Lessons are also supported by learning activities such as games, role-playing and videocassettes. Discover our Expo Made to Measure proposals for you:

Individual or in small groups

1, 2 or 3 days

With a flexible schedule, upon request

Expo 2015-Let’s Speak Italian 1:  Conversational Italian – Parole, parole, parole…

Let’s take a coffee or aperitif together and have a few hours of conversation in Italian.

Expo 2015 , let's speak italian Survival Italian with a coffee

Pick up a few expressions while having a good coffee. Then, the next one for sure, you will surely order in Italian!

Refreshment with an aperitif

You already speak a little bit? Have you studied, but forgot? Enjoying a relaxing aperitif with one of our native speaker Italians absolutely will awaken the Lying Dormant in you.

Expo 2015-Let’s speak Italian 2: Intensive course – Full immersion in 5 days

let's speak italian for expoHave a short time to learn? Rarely have the opportunity to speak? Enter into the world of Italian or to improve your knowledge.

Individual or in small groups

2 different schedules : morning or afternoon

Expo 2015-Let’s speak italian 3:Intensive weekend course – Full immersion in 2 or 3 days

let's speak italian for expoHave you got only a short time to learn and are you occupied on weekdays? Devote your weekend to learn Italian.

Individual or in small groups

Lessons in the morning and in the afternoon

Lunch with us


Please contact us for further information or a quote!