Expo itineraries

The special advices  of our Italian School for you to enjoy better the world exhibition!

Expo itineraries

Expo itineraries

In front of many pavilions, hi-tech buildings , ethnic restaurants is normal to feel lost. Clusters are a new feature of  Milan World Expo 2015: for the first time countries are not grouped in collective pavilions on a geographical basis, but according to identity issues and food chains. Where to go? What to see? We thought especially for you three made to measured Expo itineraries. Choose the one that suits you better!

Expo itineraries1. Expo itineraries: Exploratory visit

Starting point: Expo Center. Turn right  and visit Zero Pavilion, then a short visit to Cascina Triulza. Visit Cocoa and Coffee Clusters. Visit 3 pavilions better for you and then you wil arrive to Piazza Italia, between Avenue Decurmano and the Cardo. Immediately to your left you will get Lake Arena where you will admire the Tree of Life, l’Albero della Vita.  Visit Palazzo Italia and then the Open Air Theatre.

2. Expo itineraries: Bio and Eat Healthy Lovers

Starting point:Expo Center. Zero Pavilion. Visit Spices, Fruits&Vegetables and Bio-Med Clusters. Then visit France, Azerbaijan, Monaco pavilions and Biodiversity Park.

Expo itineraries

3. Expo itineraries: With your kids, thinking of future!

Expo Center, Zero Pavilion. Children Park. Food of the future area. Spain, Netherlands, Oman and Vietnam Pavilions. Palazzo Italia. Cereals cluster.

Wonderful Expo: Download the App…

Expo itineraries

If you have a smartphone, our super modern advice is to download from Google Play or Apple Store  the Official App. Milan World Expo 2015. This App not only provides all appointments and latest news of the day, but also give you the chance to use your phone  as a navigator using GPS and accompany  you inside these various  Expo itineraries. Furthermore by entering keywords of your interests, this App suggests you the Expo itineraries particurarly tailored for you!

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