Working in a famous design company in Milan…

 a dream that comes true attending our Italian courses!


Steve Maher, an American young designer, last year in January moved to Milan. He is very found of Italy and he really wishes living and working in Milan. He loves Italian food and lifestyle, Italian language and the people!

His Italian was super beginner … he knew only few words like pizza, ciao, come stai? when he came for the first time at our Italian school to get further information about our courses and our learning method.

We suggested him to take an Intensive Italian Group Course for improving his language very fast! We told him that he should have had to work very hard to realize his working dream…Nothing is impossible and we were absolutely confident that he would manage it!

From the beginning Steve was very motivated in improving Italian language fast in order to speak more fluently with Italian people and finding a job as a designer in Milan. He attended an Intensive Italian Class for 4 months and then a series of Individual Italian lessons: in very short time he started speaking in Italian better and better and now he understands 90%. His teachers were very proud of his improvements.

He considers our school the sure track to Italian learning success:

“The method is amazing….innovative and communicative  and the staff is kind and very familiar…like a real Italian family that cares about you! At the beginning everything seemed too difficult, quite impossible … the language, alone in a new city … a lot of cv shipped … but with passing of the time, thanks to my Italian courses I find a good job in a famous Italian design company. I can understand my colleague speaking in Italian and work in the better way with them!”


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