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Sea hidden mysteries …still fascinate us and stimulate our imagination!

exhibition in Milan, , un mare di diversità acquario civico

The deep sea hidden mysteries that still fascinate us and stimulate our imagination. From 29 September to 11 October, with the exhibition

“Un mare di diversità”

the Civic Aquarium of Milan, close to our Italian School in Brera district,  will explain something of the creatures that inhabit it and how they have changed over millions of years.

The exhibition was conceived by the teachers of the Degree in Natural Sciences of the University of Milan while students will act as guides for visitors. This event is part of the initiatives of “The State for Expo2015”, ie all the events organized by the University of Milan for the Universal Exhibition. Among the most significant initiatives already implemented include the participation of the University in the implementation of scientific projects in the cluster Cereals and tubers and the Biodiversity Park, both recommended and can be visited at Expo Milano 2015.

This initiative is an opportunity to bring the public to the issues of biodiversity of the animal world through a multidisciplinary approach, with lots of interactive multimedia, movies, animations, discussions and quizzes.

The exhibition is structured in a fascinating journey in three time sections: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The fossils will be the lynchpin for understanding what we now know about the extinct aquatic creatures and their evolutionary path, while the aquarium tanks help you understand the adaptive processes that have helped develop the animals of fresh and salt water in the forms we know today .

The third part of the exhibition is instead focused on one question: what does the future hold? Particular attention will then be given to the role that man is having and will have in the evolution of organisms that inhabit our oceans and rivers, with a focus on over-fishing.

Acquario civico Milano

From 29th September to 11th October 2015

Viale G. Gadio 2

Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 to 19:30

5 euros (full price), € 3 (reduced ticket)

Free tours under 18 years of age

Contact us about the exhibition and to learn more about our Italian Social Programme!


Super sweet Italian lesson this morning!

marianna e i brigadeiros

Super sweet Italian lesson this morning thanks to Maryana and her brigadeiros!

Here are the Brigadeiros, a trick that never fails at parties for any occasion in Brazil! Here in Italy, unfortunately, they are not well known, but it is a simple and delicious recipe. The Brigadeiros present themselves very well, they are prepared in a flash and they’ll make a great impression!

super sweet Italian lesson

Ingredients (for thirty brigadeiros):

– A can of condensed milk;

– A tablespoon of butter;

– Half a bar of chocolate (the flavor of your choice), OR 2 or 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder;

– Tails, coconut flour, flakes and mini praline chocolate to decorate

In a thick-bottomed aluminum pan (NOT non-stick), melt the butter over medium heat. Add the condensed milk and chocolate crumble. Stir continuously with a wooden spoon, for mixing the ingredients well, until the mixture is visibly thickened and tends to “break away from the pan.” In Portuguese it is said that must reach “or ponto”, that is, that density which, once cooled, allows to work the mixture transforming it into pralines round. Now the cooking intuirete just trying to practice, after trying once you have understood what it means. There is in fact a time “scientific” measurable for the attainment of the “ponto”, because this depends on the type of pan used that, from the chocolate and the content of cocoa butter (a white chocolate flakes, for example, is very more “buttery” Cocoa powder, therefore reach the “Ponto” faster).

Once you reach the “Ponto”, remove from heat and let cool completely. Grease your hands with butter, and shaped the brigadeiros the size of your choice, or as the paper cups that you have available. Pass them immediately in chocolate chips, coconut flour or tails, so that they are fully covered, placed into cups and let stand in refrigerator at least half a day before serving!!!

Contact us and learn Italian while having fun!

Guided tour around Brera district in Milan

Guided tour around Brera district
Are you a romantic person or an art lover?  Your wish is  diving into one of the best painting collections of the city?

Our guided visit of tomorrow around Brera district suits you!

Guided tour around Brera district

Milan’s most outstanding museum, the Brera Art Gallery, is one of the world’s major art collections.
The Art Gallery is located in one of the coolest neighbourhoods of Milan, where our Italian school for Foreigners is located and where  doing a little shopping, sipping a cup of coffee, tasting a delicious gelato and diving into culture is all part of the same experience.

Guided tour around Brera district

Santa Maria del Carmine and many other centuries-old churches, vintage dealers, several private art galleries next to tiny shoe stores and vintage clothing shops make Brera a really attractive and unique district.

Tomorrow we all together will stroll along the narrow old lanes with cozy cafés, excellent gelato stores and super romantic restaurants!

Guided tour around Brera district

What are you waiting for? Discover why our district has been chosen by Milanese intellectuals and Academy students as their favourite place!

Contact us and learn more about our Italian courses and social program to live a real Milanese experience!

Finally we might visit the Vineyard of Leonardo da Vinci!

Finally we might visit the Vineyard of Leonardo da Vinci!

A vineyard in the heart of the city with a private garden … beautiful and full of history and mystery.

Within the beautiful Casa Atellani, we discover the ancient vineyard of Leonardo da Vinci. The Garden of Earthly Delights, as we like to call it, in our opinion, is one of the most romantic and suggestive of Milan.

Close your eyes and think of the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie and its neighborhood at the end of 1400. Corso Magenta, with its palaces and chic boutiques, was the hunting reserve staff of Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan.

In 1498 Leonardo da Vinci will end the Last Supper in Santa Maria delle Grazie and Ludovico il Moro gave him this vineyard as gift. Unfortunately a love that did not last long, the one between Leonardo and the vineyard, because of the French invasion the following year.

Today we can see Leonardo’s vineyard, as in a waking dream, with its screws malvasia, as if it were reborn in our city thanks to the big work of ConfagricolturaUniversity of Milan and Portaluppi Foundation . Last, but not least, thanks to the important cooperation of the heirs of the House of Atellani.

A wonderful hidden corner of the city that become an open-air museum which can be visited with a path of seven stages, including also the visit to House Atellani.

As you can easily imagine, Milan cannot be revealed at first glance: it is a city that wants and needs to be explored and discovered. It is a city that has to be lived to be understood!

Live our Milano with us! Every week our Italian School for Foreigners organizes social activities for its students: unforgettable opportunities to improve their knowledge of Italian language while having fun and discover the real soul of Milan with a full immersion in its culture and tradition.

Contact us and team with us attending our Italian classes!

Vogue Fashion Night Out Milano 2015

vogue fashion night out Milan

Next Tuesday 22nd September will come back Milan Vogue Fashion Night Out 2015: the now long-awaited event that celebrates the September Fashion Week . 

The fashion theme of this September is the HEART….

What is love but also what is  friendship and  joy!”
The fashion evening provides a full calendar of events, live performances and exclusive cocktails with celebrities and DJ sets, and this year was included in the events of “Expoincittà”; for the occasion boutiques and stores in the center, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the Fashion District, the heart of
Brera and Corso Como and Corso Venezia square Gae Aulenti, will remain open until 23:00.
In Brera’s zone, the romantic district where our Italian School is located, in Piazza del Carmine rhythm VFNO is by Discoradio, while in Via Fiori Chiari seem to take a dip into the past: the Association of Merchants Street, in collaboration with the Region of Abruzzo, will organize a parade vintage clothing and historical representations on the theme “fashion from the Middle Ages to today.” Guests can meet around the city by the voguistas Lancia, who will report the coolest events!
Let’s speak now about the most characteristic of the evening, the most loved by the fashion lovers: the limited edition created exclusively for the evening!
Here’s a taste of what you’ll find:
Brera:  the shirt with the unmistakable Milan Cathedral, topped by a myriad of kites Clan Upstairs, the one with the logo of VFNO Cluti and regular t-shirt MSGM; the original bag with pizza and cutlery stylized L’Autre Chose; bracelets: one with key and cord Gas Bijoux and colored Tagged Mad Zone.
In Via Montenapoleone: the irresistible heart of Fabi and the fluffy Fendi … both to hang bags, key chains or wherever you like; the case of Santoni, the shirt Etro, the bracelets of braided tassel Testoni, the scarves Freywille and the Swatch watch.
Duomo and Corso Vittorio Emanuele: the very nice biscuits customized by Stefanel and irresistible box of Ladurée (ever since the content).
Our Italian School will give you the linguistic tools to live a unique Vogue Fashion Night Out! We organize standard courses and also Italian Special Courses for fashion lovers.

Contact us for more information about Vogue Fashion Nigh Out and our Italian Courses in Milan!

Italian Teacher Training


Formazione docenti a Milano in presenza

I sabati del linguaggio sono un nuovo ciclo di laboratori sull’insegnamento della grammatica ideati da Matteo Broggini, direttore didattico della nostra scuola di italiano a Milano: gli approcci e le strategie più efficaci per la presentazione e l’esercitazione, le migliori attività didattiche elaborate e sperimentate al Centro di lingua e cultura italiana per stranieri di Milano.

Per fare il punto sulle buone pratiche nell’insegnamento dell’italiano a stranieri.

Per una didattica dinamica, gioiosa e multi-sensoriale.

Il prossimo appuntamento con I sabati del linguaggio avrà come tema:

Passato prossimo o imperfetto?

Ci o ne?

Quando: sabato 17 ottobre 2015 (6 ore, dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 14:30 alle 17:30)
Costo: 90 euro
Dove: Centro di lingua e cultura italiana per stranieri, via Ponte Vetero 21, Milano
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Milan Fashion Week 2015

milan fashion week 2015

Milan fashion week 2015 is coming!

Milan Fashion Week is the most prestigious event organized by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, with its two appointments a year and a network of thousands of professionals who work for the perfect functioning of this great event, the parade of the women’s collection are the most awaited moment of the international fashion system.

National Chamber of Italian Fashion manages and coordinates completely all events related to it, facilitating the work of the showroom, buying office, press office and public relations firms. It represents the most important meeting point between prêt-à-porter and the industry and gives Milan a refined example of the perfect blend of creativity and organization.

NEXT EDITION: Milan Fashion Week 23rd – 28th September

FASHION COURSE and ITALIAN SPECIAL COURSES – Visit our new page and learn more about the proposals of our Italian School in Milan. All Special courses are organized as individual courses and upon request also as group courses.

This fashion course in Italian is aimed at students of fashion, as well as, established designers working in Italy. The lessons will be spent discovering the vocabulary and Italian language of fashion, particularly from the point of view of the buyer. This course is an extremely useful instrument for those wishing to enter this most Italian of sectors without being hampered by the language barrier.

Contact us for more information about our Italian Courses!