Super sweet Italian lesson this morning!

marianna e i brigadeiros

Super sweet Italian lesson this morning thanks to Maryana and her brigadeiros!

Here are the Brigadeiros, a trick that never fails at parties for any occasion in Brazil! Here in Italy, unfortunately, they are not well known, but it is a simple and delicious recipe. The Brigadeiros present themselves very well, they are prepared in a flash and they’ll make a great impression!

super sweet Italian lesson

Ingredients (for thirty brigadeiros):

– A can of condensed milk;

– A tablespoon of butter;

– Half a bar of chocolate (the flavor of your choice), OR 2 or 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder;

– Tails, coconut flour, flakes and mini praline chocolate to decorate

In a thick-bottomed aluminum pan (NOT non-stick), melt the butter over medium heat. Add the condensed milk and chocolate crumble. Stir continuously with a wooden spoon, for mixing the ingredients well, until the mixture is visibly thickened and tends to “break away from the pan.” In Portuguese it is said that must reach “or ponto”, that is, that density which, once cooled, allows to work the mixture transforming it into pralines round. Now the cooking intuirete just trying to practice, after trying once you have understood what it means. There is in fact a time “scientific” measurable for the attainment of the “ponto”, because this depends on the type of pan used that, from the chocolate and the content of cocoa butter (a white chocolate flakes, for example, is very more “buttery” Cocoa powder, therefore reach the “Ponto” faster).

Once you reach the “Ponto”, remove from heat and let cool completely. Grease your hands with butter, and shaped the brigadeiros the size of your choice, or as the paper cups that you have available. Pass them immediately in chocolate chips, coconut flour or tails, so that they are fully covered, placed into cups and let stand in refrigerator at least half a day before serving!!!

Contact us and learn Italian while having fun!



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