Sea hidden mysteries …still fascinate us and stimulate our imagination!

exhibition in Milan, , un mare di diversità acquario civico

The deep sea hidden mysteries that still fascinate us and stimulate our imagination. From 29 September to 11 October, with the exhibition

“Un mare di diversità”

the Civic Aquarium of Milan, close to our Italian School in Brera district,  will explain something of the creatures that inhabit it and how they have changed over millions of years.

The exhibition was conceived by the teachers of the Degree in Natural Sciences of the University of Milan while students will act as guides for visitors. This event is part of the initiatives of “The State for Expo2015”, ie all the events organized by the University of Milan for the Universal Exhibition. Among the most significant initiatives already implemented include the participation of the University in the implementation of scientific projects in the cluster Cereals and tubers and the Biodiversity Park, both recommended and can be visited at Expo Milano 2015.

This initiative is an opportunity to bring the public to the issues of biodiversity of the animal world through a multidisciplinary approach, with lots of interactive multimedia, movies, animations, discussions and quizzes.

The exhibition is structured in a fascinating journey in three time sections: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The fossils will be the lynchpin for understanding what we now know about the extinct aquatic creatures and their evolutionary path, while the aquarium tanks help you understand the adaptive processes that have helped develop the animals of fresh and salt water in the forms we know today .

The third part of the exhibition is instead focused on one question: what does the future hold? Particular attention will then be given to the role that man is having and will have in the evolution of organisms that inhabit our oceans and rivers, with a focus on over-fishing.

Acquario civico Milano

From 29th September to 11th October 2015

Viale G. Gadio 2

Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 to 19:30

5 euros (full price), € 3 (reduced ticket)

Free tours under 18 years of age

Contact us about the exhibition and to learn more about our Italian Social Programme!



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