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The city of Milan: the city of Expo World Fair 2015

The city of Milan: the city of Expo World Fair 2015

Living in Milan 2015 – The city of future!

The city of Milan, the capital of Lombardy, has a population of about 1.3 million. Milan is a metropolis steeped in Italian history and culture. Even a short stroll in Milan reveals a variety of breathtaking landmarks. The magnetic Piazza Duomo, dominated by its towering cathedral, and the adjoining Galleria Vittorio Emanuele are enough to occupy one’s time for the duration of their stay. South of the Duomo, among the city’s most glorious bars, restaurants, and Milanese clubbing scene, everybody can discover another piece of milanese history: the Navigli district with its well-known canals and abandoned warehouses. Come to Italy and learn Italian in Milan: you will realize that is a city full of secret histories: in streets and courtyards just around the corner from its famous attractions. What are you looking for? An alternate Milan waits to be discovered!

Milan Monthly Climate…

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Milan Tours: Learn Italian with a city tour around Milan

Milan Tours: Learn Italian with a city tour around Milan

Learn Italian with a city tour on the discovery of Milan!

Our exploration of Italian language and culture of course starts in class with our Italian courses, but continues with our guided tours on the search of its hidden treasures!

We have prepared a package for our guests that gathers three fundamental Italian elements:

Language, Culture and Food.

You will be accompanied by one of our Italian teachers, and passionate expert of Milanese art and history, who will guide you through the most important Milanese monuments and Italian Culture. With us you can live an experience of the real Milan. 

Our Milan Tours offer:

Please contact us for further information or a quote about our Milan Tours!

Learn Italian while having fun: guided tours on the discovery of Milan

Learn Italian while having fun: guided tours on the discovery of Milan

Milan’s hidden treasures: la Chiesa di San Fedele dei Gesuiti

Come with us on the search of hidden treasures of Milan and you will discover a new and entertaining way to learn Italian whilst enjoying yourself! Our exploration of Italian language and culture of course starts in class with our Italian courses, but continues with our guided tours on the discovery of Milan.

The Chiesa di San Fedele (Church of Sant Faithful), in the centre of the host city of EXPO2015, is on of Milan’s true treasures. It is a magnificent attraction not just for tourists, but for locals too! Many of the less discerning of the city’s residents have only recently discovered the church, which is one of the most beautiful of Milan’s sixteenth century structures.

If you don’t know this church yet, thanks to Marco, one of our Italian teachers (and passionate expert  of Milanese art and history), you can discover a hidden treasure of Milan in which tradition and modernity are found in perfect harmony.

During our guided tour

Milan’s Fashion District between fashion, art and history!

Milan's Fashion District: a mix of fashion, history and art!

Milan’s Fashion District …

…offers you some the best shopping opportunities all over the world, especially for people looking for the best that money can buy. It attracts not only tourists: that’s why you can

improve your Italian

while shopping. You will have a great opportunity to get in touch with the local people!

The first time you come to Milano, you will be overwhelmed by the large number of haute couture labels: Armani,Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel. In a second moment you will realize there are more affordable stores available for everybody on a limited budget as well.

But there’s more than just fashion boutique in the very heart of Milan…

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sperando di fare cosa gradita vi segnalo la prossima edizione della nostra formazione online AttivItalia. In programma, attività dinamiche e divertenti per lavorare sulla storia, la geografia, i beni culturali, le istituzioni italiane e sulle espressioni idiomatiche della nostra lingua.

Ecco in sintesi le informazioni sul laboratorio:

Durata: quattro settimane, dal 9 novembre al 6 dicembre 2015
Modalità: interamente a distanza, mediante piattaforma Moodle
Costo: 100 euro
Iscrizioni entro: sabato 7 novembre
Maggiori informazioni:
Un cordiale saluto
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15th Edition of the Week of the Italian Language in the World

15th Edition of the Week of the Italian Language in the World

The Italian Language Week in the World is an initiative between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Accademia della Crusca, under the Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, that goes on from 2001. During this week, Embassies, Consulates and Italian Cultural Institutes organize various events to promote the Italian language as the language of classic and contemporary culture.

Our Italian School in Milan has organized a special programme for this week with many activities focused on Music and Italian language.

Contact us for more information and enjoy!



Un’attività di conoscenza “fiorita” ha accolto sabato scorso i partecipanti a “I sabati del linguaggio: passato prossimo o imperfetto? ci o ne?”

In molti ci avete chiesto una seconda data e con piacere l’abbiamo programmata: sarà sabato 21 novembre, sempre a Milano, sempre presso la nostra scuola

E per chi preferisce la formazione on-line, abbiamo messo in programma anche una nuova edizione di “AttivItalia” Emoticon smile