Expo 2015: the Tree of Life is tinged with pink against breast cancer

Expo 2015: the Tree of Life is tinged with pink against breast cancer

October, last month for Expo Milano 2015

it is also the month to support the work of researchers and sensitize all women on the importance of prevention: the campaign started BCA, Breast Cancer Awareness. Godmother choice to promote the initiative is Antonella Clerici.

The Tree of Life becomes pink personalized with the projection of the image of the Pink Ribbon: an inspiring moment for hope in a world free from cancer and promote this very important information campaign on the prevention of breast cancer the leading company in products prestige beauty Estee Lauder Companies, which this year has as its partner for Italy, the Italian Association for Cancer Research.

A cancer that affects nearly 50,000 women every year and now thanks to research it was possible to bring to 87% survival at five years after diagnosis for breast cancer. In Italy, however, it is estimated that one in eight women in their lifetime are affected by breast cancer.

The BCA Campaign, Breast Cancer Awareness, today active in more than 70 countries, has raised over $ 55 million to support the global research, educational and medical services. The first initiative on the theme was created in 1992 by Evelyn H. Lauder with the launch of the Pink Ribbon, now universal symbol for breast health, are less than 23 years Estée Lauder claims each year, the fight against this type of cancer.

The BCA Campaign not only aims to raise funds for research but also to spread and publicize how important is prevention, and emphasize that all of us with a small action can help defeat breast cancer.

Currently AIRC, its finances 104 projects multiyear research on women’s cancers, promoting BCA, Breast Cancer Awareness precisely because it was deemed important ally for women’s health, inviting not only to support research and carry out the necessary checks, but also lead to the healthy lifestyles, these behaviors that together, they can help reduce up to 70% the risk of the onset of cancer: healthy lifestyle, physical activity and frequent checks.

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